Academic Excellence Integrated with Music Education and Character Development
Pressman Charter Schools
Pressman Charter Schools
Mission Statement

The Dr. Ellen G. Pressman Charter School will provide a Middle School learning environment which integrates music with academic excellence in Plainfield, New Jersey. This school will provide its students with thorough and applicable knowledge of the core curriculum, in part, by associating academic instruction with analogous concepts in music, regardless of student musical aptitude or experience, and by creating a learning environment facilitating the highest standards of academic achievement for its students. As students gain a broad understanding of the construction of music, its history, and its various styles, the Dr. Ellen G. Pressman Charter School will instill in its students a life-long love of music, appreciation of beauty and respect for humanity. This school will also enlist the involvement of its parents and community in programs to improve the educational opportunities and outcomes for its student population in Plainfield. Furthermore, the Dr. Ellen G. Pressman Charter School will develop and implement educational programs that are directed to developing high ethical standards and to helping students develop social and character skills as well as academic skills that will help to build their core competencies, self-esteem, respect for themselves and others, and personal discipline that will lead to making good life and interpersonal choices.

The Ellen G. Pressman Charter School of Plainfield, New Jersey is funded in part by The Imagine a Better World Foundation.

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